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Delirium's Journal
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Wednesday, July 30th, 2003
9:00 pm
*Robert narrows his eyes, smiling at his new friend as the cross the street and head back to the club.*
You're older than I am, by the sounds of it.. how long have you been doing this?
Friday, July 11th, 2003
5:13 pm
Colin is taken a back by Robert's line I don't know if i am Connor's heir. I'm just some damned Irish bloke that was caught in the wrong place in the wrong time with the wrong people. I surely wouldn't be around if not for him though. I'm just and Irish bugger looking to get to the next ale without some blade waving bastard trying to take off my head.
Saturday, July 12th, 2003
3:17 pm
*Robert eyes the sword of the late Connor with appreciation, and smiles.* I'd heard from Duncan that Connor's heir was among us, I had no idea I'd ever meet him. You must be a very good man to have earned that blade. Let us go, you will meet the owner of the finest club in the city. I'd offer to buy you a drink, but.. Hey, Lars makes a mean cup of joe, too.. It's good to have somebody in the city that isn't Hell-bent on taking heads, you know?

3:08 pm
*Kisumi makes a shallow bow, formal in all things.*
Yes, the Mistress has been waiting. I apologise for breaking up this gathering, but, if you please, business must come first. Doctor, will your companion be joining you?

Current Mood: worried
Wednesday, June 25th, 2003
10:06 pm
Yuri, Adarielle, and Kisumi
Yuri blinked and looked down at the girl, who was barely smaller than herself.

"What is it?" She asked, her voice soft. "Have you come to take us to Delirium?"
10:02 pm
Zimri and Deidriu
"Are you sure you are fine?" A look of concern crossed his pale face and he wrapped an arm around the singer. "Perhaps you should sit down."

He quietly led her to a chair, making sure she sat down, and quietly crouched in front of her. His strange appearance looked rather ridiculous balanced on the balls of his feet, his elbows set elegantly on his knees.

"How far a long are you? Are sure you shouldn't be resting? It's obvious you are close to term. Would you like an examination?" He gestured quietly to the bag at his feet. "I rarely leave home without it, and I was expecting to be needed tonight, though not quite in this way."
Monday, June 23rd, 2003
4:59 pm
*He takes Roberts hand in a handshake, but has a look of bewilderment on his face*
"You know Duncan McLeod? hmm, odd that we have never met before today. Of course, I have only been immortal since the time of the colonies myself, I still haven't seen things that Connor's sword has seen ."
He takes the sword, the familiar sword of the late Connor Mcleod out of his coat and leaves it with Bernie the bar tenderas he lays down a cool $g
"See that nothing happens to it , ok my friend? I'll be back in a few hours, the lord willing."
"Let's be of shall we robert?"
Friday, June 20th, 2003
12:13 am
Adarielle, Yuri and....Kisumi!
Adarielle was coming to like Yuri from what she could tell of the womans personality. A few things were in question, but if she was a regular here and a fan of her stuff, she was sure she'd get to know her better - and discover JUST what she was!

Suddenly noticing Kisumi waiting patiently, Adarielle spoke,

"Aren't you one of our Hostesses employees? Is there something the matter?" Adarielle asked anxiously.

Current Mood: anxious
Thursday, June 19th, 2003
11:15 pm

*The familiar tingle, the familiar fog, but no memory surfaces.. they have never met, it seems. cancel flashback sequence.*
"Had I the choice, sir, I would not kill. Don't think this makes me weak. It only makes me weary."
*Robert approaches the bar, sitting three seats away from the other immortal, and turns to face him.*
"I should offer apologies for your being turned away from Queen Annes. It is not my property, but the staff has.. a very good understanding of our situation. Others have come, before you, seeking my head, when they find that Mr. McLeod isn't the only one in this city. Of course, his draw is greater than mine.. I've only been at this since the turn of the century.. I have, gods willing, along way to go."
*Robert extends his hand in a friendly guesture*
"My name is Robert. Assuming you come unarmed, and with good will, you will be granted passage henceforth to Queen Anne's."
Thursday, June 12th, 2003
4:30 pm
Robert opens the door to find Colin with his right hand in his coat pocket. The two stare at each other for a bit, Colin a with a drunken look in his eye, but that never stopped him from taking off a head. But, alas, this is not to be one of those times. Colin takes his hand out of his coat slowly.

Colin: Well.... obviously since you have not..... bumrushed me or taken off my head in my current state of off kilterness, I suppose introductions should be made. Tries to stand up, but obviously doing it with a drunken swaggerI go by the name of Colin Leary extends a hand
Wednesday, June 11th, 2003
5:08 pm
Kisumi, vigilant, ever faithful.
*Kisumi, Delirium's shadow and favored doll, had been keeping watch on the door all night. Knowing well that her Mistress was expecting her doctor, Kisumi waited. This had ever been her lot, and, fortune provided, ever would be. Kisumi had been Mother Threnody's favorite doll, and when the clanhouse burned, she clung to Delirium's side, faithful, subservient, and obedient, ever since. Kisumi was the only thing of value Delirium took with her into Leschez's world, Starside, when they had gone to do battle there. Kisumi was the only doll permitted, ever, to intrude upon her mistress without warning. While Delirium held special fondness for each of the dolls in her heart, Kisumi, it was clear, was the favored, and had earned it through two and a half centuries of unerring service to Threnody's brood. none could contest it, nor would any want to.

Kisumi, waiting on patrons in the smaller seating clusters in the darker corners of the club, pauses when she filters the familiar voice of her Mistress's physician, and makes a final trip to the bar, leaving her apron and a tray of abandoned glasses there, and making certain Lars knows of the physician's presence. Silence, alway silence, always polite, efficient, and unobtrusive. Lars nods to her in return, and messages the boys up front.

So much was said in this club in silence.

The tiny japanese girl makes her way to Yuri's side, a familiar face by now, and waits patiently to be noticed, eyes lowered in respect, but not wanting to wait tonight. Delirium may very well be in trouble.*

Current Mood: submissive
Tuesday, June 10th, 2003
4:58 pm
*Robert pauses, just a few feet from the door of McShane's pub, knowing full well he could come to regret this, knowing that paranoia was just a modern adaptation of caution, life-saving fear.. it had been almost a century since he'd made any violent confrontation on another immortal, or any creature. he took three deep breathes, pushed the short, neat crop of dreads off his forehead, and rubbed the sweaty pink palms of his dark hands on his jeans.*
"Ready or not.. Here I go."
*Robert pushed at the door to McShane's, eyes cautious, one hand inside his coat, ready, hoping it wouldn't be needed. The thrumming thrill of the nearness of the other immortal buzzed behind his eyes light electricity. he put on his best face, and peered about in the dimly lit pub, searching out the man that had been turned away from the doors of Queen Anne's. Would he be friend, or foe?*
Wednesday, June 11th, 2003
4:32 pm
3:06 pm
Emmie's strength
Shiv reached for the flashlight as James made his way towards the stairs. Shiv looked back at the body of the girl. Even in the dark her skin almost had a light of it's own. A pale glow like a china doll. Something stirred within Shiv.

Emmie looked blankly at the floor, she tried to breathe but, he jaw mearly spasmed. She was confused, scared and in pain. Her Mistresses gift of the Vitae allowed her to continue in life where as a mere mortal would have been given the blessed caress of death. She could not understand why she coulden't move. Her legs felt like cement. Her arms were as stone and she felt like she was drowning. Panic and Fear gripped her heart, had she known about the icepick spearing through her spinal colomn she would have understood that her lungs were not recieving the signals to breathe. Slowly her brain was being deprived of oxygen but, as one of the undead who had not physically died yet she was not prepared for the bizzare and frightening place known to most ghouls as "Purgatory". Very few experience this state; it only happens when the vitae is strong in the vains and the ghoul has not been "initiated" into death. It usually takes the form of an accidental death when the body is unable to heal the damage, yet the damage is not enough to cause loss of consciousness. So the poor creature is cought in a disorientating and frightening state of half death frantically fighting for survival.
It was then she saw something. A velvet shape moving against the darkness. Suddenly she was aware of a presence in her mind. It calmed and soothed her pain and fear ridden mind. She wanted revenge. Revenge for the pain and suffering that was given to her. This presence, this entity could give it to her as well as escape from her pain. She needed only to give it permission. All she wanted was release from this terrifying state.
As tears of pain and fear streaked from her eyes. She silently pleaded and gave her permission.

It was her suffering that brought it closer. The fear in her heart, it reached out and attemped to soothe her mind. It was barraged with fear and a plea for strength. It could give her that. It could make her strong and Free her from the horribe suffering. It felt a response as she looked in it's direction. She wanted it's help and it would give it to her.

The sweet taste of her kindred groomed blood on his lips. He had to have more. Why should he let it go to waste. Slowly he moved to the body. Unaware of what was about to happen. He made his way to the body.
Tuesday, June 10th, 2003
3:44 pm
Colin was awoken from his passing out by the awareness. He knows this isn't a hangover, as they just hurt his head. So he waits, in a mini drunken stupor for whomever it is to enter McShane's pub and do what they will.
12:06 am
Deidriu and the Good Docter
The woman, jarred from her prophecy, released Deidriu from her grip. She blinked in suprise as if just awakening from a dream.

"Oh I am sorry. Did I block your way, young lady? I am afraid that I sometimes go into these trances and become a bit of a nuisence until the seeing is done or I am awoken. I hope I had something good to tell you, maybe about that little bundle of joy you are expecting." Seeing the good dr's glare, the woman stopped her chattering and uncomfortably moved away.

Deidriu turned to her rescuer and said. "Thank you for your assistance. I am fine." but she swayed as if she would faint again and her face was extremely pale.
Monday, June 9th, 2003
5:59 pm
Yuri talks to Adarielle and Zimri follows his instincts...
Zimri turns away, his eyes focused elsewhere.

"Ignore him, sweetie." Yuri says softly to Adarielle. "When he's got something on his mind he tends to be all one way. Makes him an excellent doctor, but not very good on the social scene. We're both doctors, though my talents lie more toward reconstructive, where he's spent years in emergency rooms, so he's a jack of all trades now. My work tends to have me look a bit different than I do now, for the most part I spend time in ICU and other terminal wards. I look older and more hunched back, 'cause the non-mystical crowd don't usually go for the wings, if you catch my drift." She continues chatting with Adarielle, flipping through the book, making comments and praises on the Adarielle's work.


Zimri sees the exchange taking place between the small grey haired person and the pregnant singer. Without thinking he moves quickly to the singer's aide.

His long legs move him quickly and in what seems like seconds to him, he reaches his hand out and grabs the smaller woman by the shoulder. "Let go of her." His voice is low and threatening. "Don't you know any better than to put a pregnant woman through that kind of stress? Especially when she is so close to term" His long, bony fingers tighten on the woman's shoulders. "I don't care what you've seen or what prophecies fly before your eyes, there is a time and a place for all. Go away, collect yourself, or you'll regret your mistake." He gently shoves her away, removing his hand from her and says one last time with authority, looking her in the eye,"Leave" Uses dominate.

He turns to the singer and says softly, "Are you ok? I'm a doctor."
4:43 pm
F***ing with Deidriu
Deidriu was getting tired. Time was she could perform all night and not need any rest. She signaled to the band that this was the last vocal song for a while. The guitarist nodded. He would take lead for some instrumental numbers, giving her a chance to get a drink and escape the heat of the stage lights for a few moments

The music took on an errie tone with an unwholesome drone sounding underneath Deirdriu's soprano tones.

Marsh Child, The darkness will rise from the deep
And carry you down into sleep child.
Darkness will rise from the deep
And carry you down into sleep child.

Guile, my son, I'll shape your beliefs
And you'll always know that your father's a thief
And you won't understand the cause of your grief
but you'll always follow the voices beneath

Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty,

Marsh Child, The darkness will rise from the deep
And carry you down into sleep child.
Darkness will rise from the deep
And carry you down into sleep child.

Guile, my son, your spirit will hate her.
The flower that married my brother, the traitor
And you will expose his point of behavior
For you are the proof of how he betrayed her

Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty,

Marsh Child, The darkness will rise from the deep
And carry you down into sleep child.
Darkness will rise from the deep
And carry you down into sleep child.

Guile, my son, each day you'll grow older
Each moment I'm watching my vengence unfold
The child of my body, the flesh of my soul
Will die and return the birthright he stole.

Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty,

Marsh Child, The darkness will rise from the deep
And carry you down into sleep child.
Darkness will rise from the deep
And carry you down into sleep child.

Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty,

When the last disturbing note had faded, Deidriu slipped from the stage. The band had already moved onto some throbbing, trancing dance music and the crowd barely noticed the gallard's defection.

Moving her ungainly way through the crowd, Deidriu collided with one of the bar's patrons. The girl, (small, clad all in black with a young, childlike face contrasting with her long grey hair) reached out to steady the pregnant woman before she could fall. As her hand connected with Deidriu's arm, she stiffened. Her smile faded into a mask of horror. Deidriu, regaining her footing, attempted to pull away but the woman's hand clutched fiercly, preventing the gallard from moving without resorting to force.

"Woe upon you, oh daughter of the Gibbous Moon. Better you had never seen the light of this world. Deidriu, bringer of sorrow, bearer of wrath. Mother of the the Elfkiller and the Wolf Hunter. Womb of the Wyrm of Wrath. In blood your child was sired, in blood shall he be born and in blood shall he live his life. Woe, woe upon you, child of the wolf. Woe. Woe! WOE!" With each word, her voice rose to a shriek and those nearby started to shift away with nervous glances.

Deidriu stared in stunned horror but still could not move... She looked desperatly around for someone to rescue her.
Sunday, June 8th, 2003
6:25 pm
The conversation at the bar continues...
Adarielle is startled a bit at the fangs that appear in Yuri's mouth, but continues on nonplussed. She accepts Zimris card and laughs softly at the banter between Zimri and Yuri.

"Sure, let me know what you're looking for. What style you'd like to wear and I can adjust the details, change the colors. Acquaint me with what you're looking for." She opens the book to reveal other pages for Yuri's perusal. "Look thru here and see if anything catches your eye."

Adarielle turns to the rather anxious Zimri.

"Yes, I have spoken a little with Delirium, earlier this evening. There was an incident and it had required her attention. One of the guests had a case of mistaken identity and a few of us gathered to diffuse what looked to be like a bar-room brawl on the opening night. Delirium came and gave us the use of a back room to setlle the dispute without causeing a scene. But afterwards she retired to her chambers and hasn't returned as of yet. Most likely if you talk to that man -" Adarielle nods towards Lars, the ever busy bartender " - I believe he has a way to contact her should he have need to. And if, like you say, you have an apointment with her, then surely he would facilitate it."

Adarielle finished, smiling, and hoping she'd been at least a little helpful.

Current Mood: content
5:54 pm
Speaking with Adarielle
Yuri nods absently. What was wrong that Delirium had disappeared so suddenly?

Zimri looks thoughtfully at the card. "A card for a card. I'm a doctor at a clinic." He replies softly. "We care for all kinds, should you ever be in need of help, please call." He hands her his card. "I'm Zimri, and I believed I was to have an appointment with Lady Delirium, but I'm not the sort to go barging into a lady's private apartments."

Yuri coughs at this comment. "Don't let him fool you. I've known him far too long and the minute he discovers of something of interest in his studies he comes flying into my room regardless of the time or the state I might be in." She smiles affectionately up at her rather tall apprentice. If she had ever had a child, he would have been what she wished it would have grown into, instead she was chosen to live this way.

Looking back at Adarielle, she smiles sweetly, forgetting her fangs. "I do look forward to seeing what you would create for me. I don't go to social functions much, but I'm sure that may patients would appreciate some color in my rather bleak wardrobe than the usual dark colors I wear."

"Have you spoken to Delirium?" Zimri blurts out, blinking his large black eyes at Adarielle, suddenly feeling rather anxious to get the evening moving, rather than standing about with people staring at him and Yuri.
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